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Keyes Point Property Owners Association is now
accepting applications for the 2016 caretaker position.

The position will start on June 1st, 2016 and continue through Sept 30th 2016.

The salary for the contract position is $4000 per month. In addition to the cash salary the caretaker will be provided with the exclusive use of the caretaker cabin for the summer plus the use of a suburban, a Honda ATV and a fishing boat. The caretaker cabin has running water and electricity as provided by an inverter/battery/solar panel system with a backup generator. Fuel for the generator will be provided by the Association at no cost to the caretaker. The caretaker will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Keyes Point.

The Caretaker will set their own daily schedule, basic duties include:
-Oversee the security of Association and private owner equipment and property
-Maintain roads and runway with Association grader, dozer, backhoe and dump truck/trailer.
-Clearing of brush from the road sides is a significant part of the caretakers duties.
-Maintain caretaker cabin, guest cabins, fuel tank system, vehicle, ATV, equipment and tools.
-Dispense gasoline and diesel plus exchange propane tanks for property owners
-Meet arriving aircraft when possible.
-Tend to the Dump area, keeping it clean and burning regularly
-Operate Association equipment for the benefit of property owners
-Submit billing for equipment use and fuel sales to the property manager's office weekly via fax or e-mail. The property managers in Anchorage perform billing and collect payments.

Applicant requirements:
-Must be experienced in the operation and maintenance of heavy equipment
-Must be personable and should be willing and able to cheerfully assist a variety of personality types of property owners
-Should have basic carpentry and construction knowledge
-Should have basic plumbing and electrical knowledge
-Applicant must agree to a criminal and civil background check.

This is an excellent opportunity for a husband/wife or father/son who wants to spend the summer in a beautiful remote Alaska location. There are less than 20 homes on Keyes Point, so there aren't a large number of property owners to deal with. Most weeks over the summer there are only two or three families on the Point at a time. The Association would like to find an applicant that would prefer to return as caretaker for several years. The caretaker will be responsible for their own food and supplies. It is about 180 miles to Anchorage by air. There are several commercial air taxi operators that service Keyes Point. They can be contacted by phone, fax or email. They will pickup groceries and supplies in Anchorage and deliver them to Keyes Point for a small fee. The Lake Clark area has fantastic fishing and is a beautiful area.

Additional information about the Lake Clark area:

If you would like to apply for this position please complete and submit the online application below.

Caretaker Cabin Photos

Lake Clark Area Photos


Scroll down to see all questions. The "Submit Application" button is located at the end of the application.


City: State: Zip:
Phone: E-mail:
Current Employer:
Highest Education Completed:

Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes or No

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes or No
If so please explain number of convictions, nature of offenses leading to convictions, timeframe of convictions and details of rehabilitation:

Please list your last 3 employers, most recent first

Employer #1:
Briefly explain your duties:

Employer #2:
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Employer #3:
Briefly explain your duties:

1-Please tell us about your heavy equipment operation and maintenance experience:

2-Please tell us about your carpentry and construction experience:

3-Please tell us about your household plumbing and electrical experience:

4-Please tell us about your Alaska or remote property experience:

5-What do you find the most interesting to you about the caretaker position:

6-What is your biggest concern about the caretaker position:

7-What is your experience with aircraft and/or flying?:

8-Please tell us, in your opinion, why the association should choose you to be our caretaker:

9-Any other comments you would like to share with the Association board members:

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